Secrets to Supercharge Your VLE

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Harnessing the power of your VLE can unlock a world of engaging learning experiences for your learners! Here are two key strategies to maximise its potential:

By prioritising ease of access and creating visually stunning, interactive content, you'll transform your VLE into a dynamic learning environment that your learners will actively seek out and truly benefit from.

Unleash the Power of Your VLE: A Guide for Tutors

Your Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) acts as a central hub for everything your learners need to succeed within their course. This versatile platform offers a treasure trove of tools to enhance the learning experience:

Content and Resource Sharing:

Communication and Collaboration:

Assessment and Feedback:

Engagement and Support:

By utilising these features effectively, your VLE becomes a powerful tool not only for delivering content but also for fostering a dynamic and supportive learning environment for your learners. Remember, engagement is key! Keep your course current, provide feedback, and empower your learners to take ownership of their learning journey.

logo Moodle Instructions .pdf

As Moodle is the VLE that I am familiar with I have created this guide, titled "Moodle Magic," to provide helpful tips and tricks for navigating your Moodle course, specifically focusing on the Moodle Gradebook.

Think of the gradebook as the treasure chest of your Moodle classroom, where all the graded activities and their scores are stored, just like valuable treasures!

Keeping the gradebook organised:

Accessing Learners Grades and Providing Feedback:

By mastering these simple techniques, you can effectively manage your Moodle classroom and unlock the full potential of the gradebook!