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Each image below is a link to that online resource. 

An Interactive Book - Containing both knowledge & a variety of recap activities.

A Memory Game - Match each image of a tool with its name. Eight different tools will be displayed at each attempt. Time spent & number of cards turned are also recorded.

Flash Cards - Learners to type in the correct name before moving onto the next image

Sequence Exercise - Place the statements in the correct order to follow when creating a full head of cornrow braids.

Rolling Q & A - Place the question & answer cards into the correct sequence and beat the clock!

Rolling Q & A - Fifteen questions and correct answers to be identified.

Crossword - Read the questions & type in the answers.

Timed Word Search

True or False Question Bank. Fifteen different questions will be displayed at each attempt.

Conundrums - Drag & drop. Link to answer guide

Question Bank - Fifteen different questions will be randomly selected at each attempt.

Image Choice - Select the equipment needed to create a French Pleat

Image Choice - Select the equipment needed to create a Horizontal roll.

Image Choice - Select the equipment needed to create a Chignon

Drag & Drop Jigsaw - Ideal activity to reinforce the names of key bones of the skull .

Wall Art Posters with QR codes leading to all of the styling interactive auto-marked activities

Select this link to download. Then place these bright eye-catching posters where learners have easy access and let the fun begin! 

Styling Wall Art QR code.pdf

Fact or Fiction - Download to play in two teams, answer the true or false questions to gain tiles and progress across the board. Beware an incorrect answer gives the tile to the opposing team!

Escape the Salon - Download to play. Search the salon to find the clues, these will provide access to the five keys needed to escape the bat infested salon.

Quiz - A whole class activity. Download to play as individuals or teams.

Styling card game.pdf

PDF - Rolling Q&A card game. Link to game

Setting & blowdrying Work Cards.pdf

PDF - Practical styling work cards Link to activity 

Hair Up Sequence exercises.pdf

PDF - Hair up sequence exercises Link to activity

Sequence exercise & work card guidance

Sequence Exercises

I have included 4 sequence exercises. To complete these tasks, I would put my learners into 4 groups. Then each group is given a different set of cards. The aim is to be the first group to correctly order their sequence and write on the last card what type of style they have just identified.

To help me quickly identify if a group has put all cards in the correct order, I have put a key (only none to myself) on each exercise. One letter or a - is placed on each card. When the cards are placed in the correct order the word is revealed. 


Work Cards

These practical work cards have been created to encourage learners to practice their setting and blow-drying skills on a hairdressing block. Each learner would choose which skill they would like to improve on and take that card. Each learner would gain a mark out of 10 for the correct placement and tension of rollers, when carrying out a set. (not the finished dress out) I would class a mark of 8 as a pass i.e. that skill would not need to be practiced anymore and the learner could move onto another work card. 

These cards were also a good way to identify who was ready for the next step. A client.