Shampoo & Condition

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An Interactive Book - containing both knowledge and a variety of recap activities.

Sequence Activity - Place the images in the correct sequence. Time taken & cards turned are recorded.

Rolling Q & A - Place the question & answer cards into the correct sequence and beat the clock!

Crossword - Read the questions & type in the answers.

True or False Question Bank. Fifteen different questions will be displayed at each attempt.

Conundrums - Drag & drop. Link to answer guide

Question Bank - Fifteen different questions will be randomly selected at each attempt.

Rolling Q & A - Fifteen questions and correct answers to be identified.

Timed Word Search

Escape the Salon - Download to play. Search the salon to find the clues, these will provide access to the five keys needed to escape the spider infested salon.

Fact or Fiction - Download to play in two teams, answer the true or false questions to gain tiles and progress across the board. Beware an incorrect answer gives the tile to the opposing team!

Quiz - A whole class activity. Download to play as individuals or teams.

Shampoo card game.pdf

PDF - Rolling Q&A card game Link to game